NSO by Andrea CrowellAbout our NSOs

Non-skate officials (NSOs) help out the referees and keep the game running smoothly by keeping track of points and penalties as reported by refs, making sure jams get started on time, and timing visits to the penalty box.

Why should you become an NSO?

  • Best view in the house: you’re just a few feet from the action.
  • Learn the game: if you’re interested in playing, being an NSO will help you learn all the rules and give you an advantage when you start.
  • Holding a clipboard gives you a sense of authority.
  • If you can’t skate (or don’t want to) but are in love with roller derby, being an NSO gives you a way to be part of the league.
  • You get to wear a fun outfit during events.
  • It’s good for your relationship: you’ll get to spend time with the spouse/significant other/best friend/mom who now spends all their time playing roller derby.
  • Because you love us. And we’ll love you if you NSO, because without NSOs, we can’t play.

 Training and Commitment

NSOs are expected to:

  • Become familiar with the basics of roller derby
  • Attend 75% of all season bouts
  • Attend at least 75% of our scrimmage practices per month
  • Attend occasional additional rules training sessions
  • Be well-versed in the current rulesets (learning these in your own time)
  • Learn all NSO positions over time, during practice as well as in your own time


NSO-ing is open to all genders. You must be 19+, and be able to identify positions and players from a distance. Many NSOs are also Anchor City Roller fresh meat skaters, but this is not a requirement.

NSO Roles

  • Score Catcher: 2
  • Penalty Tracker: 2
  • Jam Timer: 1
  • Outside White Board: 2
  • Inside White Board: 1
  • Wrangler: 1
  • Line Up Tracker: 2
  • Penalty Box Timer: 2
  • Penalty Box Manager: 1
  • Score Board Operator: 1

Want to help out, but don’t have time to be an NSO? Check out our other volunteer roles for some of our more flexible volunteer positions.

Have more questions? Email us: acrc.headnso@gmail.com.

MrsHixNon Skate Official (NSO)