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Electric Wheels Junior Roller Derby

The Basics

  • The program accepts participants aged 8 to 17 years old

  • Any gender and skill level is welcome (we will teach you all the basics of skating!)

  • Practices currently run Sundays from 1-2:30PM at Spryfield Lion's Rink Gym, 111 Drysdale Rd, Halifax

  • Contact for more info on how to register

Our Board
Skill Levels

Junior Roller Derby players are organized into four skill levels: Beginner Skaters, Skill Level I, Skill Level II, and Skill Level III. More info on the skill levels can be found here. All participants in the Learn to Skate program begin as beginner skaters. The different levels ensure that all gameplay is done safely, and that all skaters are safe on their skates before they engage in full contact. 

Gear Requirements

Required gear

  • Helmet: Skateboard or hockey style. It should fit securely on the head.

  • Mouth guard: There are many options, with the only requirement being that the mouth guard covers all the way to the back molars. These can be made by a dentist, or molded at home.

  • Elbow pads: They must have a hard shell and fit securely.

  • Wrist guards: They must have a hard shell and fit securely.

  • Knee pads : A hard shell is required for these, too. Skaters fall on these most of all, so this is the piece of equipment to splurge on.

  • Quads: Quad skates, four wheels in a rectangle, are required – rollerblades (wheels in a line) will not work for what we'll be doing. The quad skates can have low or high ankles, though low ankle skates will be needed once the skater progresses to higher levels.

Where to buy gear

The league has sponsorship agreements with:

Or buy used gear on the East Coast Roller Derby Buy and Sell Facebook page.


Each skater is responsible for registering with CRDi (Canadian Roller Derby Information & Services) and acquiring the mandatory insurance. More information on insurance.

Program Cost

The cost of the program is $120 for 12 weeks. This includes:​

  • Administrative costs (pylons, pinnies, helmet covers, tape, and first aid supplies)

  • Coaching & mentorship from a staff of experienced trainers

  • Practice space

  • More info on paying dues/monthly fees.



If you have more/other questions for us, please contact our learn to skate director at electric 

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