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Code of Conduct
Board of Directors
Supporting Roles
Leave of Absence

All members of the league are bound by the Code of Conduct, which is emailed out at least once a year and is viewable here.

Board of Directors

President: Abbey

VP External: Jane Boyes,

VP Finance: Hilary Murphy,

VP Admin: Betsy Collin,

VP Internal: Krista Bouwman,

Director of Bout Planning: Katie Benjamin,

Director of Public Relations: Radish Loos,

Director of Training: Loren Baldwin

Director of Officials: Katie Amber,

Electric Wheels / Junior Roller Derby Board of Directors

President: Bethany Porter,

Vice President: Sam Lawrence, 

PR/Merch: Carol Hickey,

Finance: Rooks Field-Green,

Fundraising: Kim Manthorne,

Secretary: Jaime Creaser,

Head Trainer: James Parker,

Supporting Roles

Training Committee: Lyndsay Anderson, Rebecca Stuckey, Josh Holder, Stephanie McClelland, Kaitrin Doll, Wren Bond, Stephanie Coffin, Julie Dinn, and Radish Loos.

Junior Derby Trainers: Sarah Sprague, Kiera O'Neil, Rooks Field-Green, Carol Hickey, Holly Steeves

Head NSOs: TBD

League Relations Committee: Kate Ross, Shana Leigh, Jaime Fudgekins, Melanie Drummond:


Dues are essential to keeping our league running! They go towards paying rent on our training space and game space, providing travel reimbursements, and many other things. 

*If you want to go on a leave of absence, YOU MUST complete this form. Otherwise, you will still be expected to pay dues.* 

How to Pay Dues


Dues are paid by e-transfer to You can do this through online banking.  Dues should be paid at the beginning of each month. Reminders will be posted on various groups, but you are responsible for making sure you pay them in a timely manner.

How Much to Pay

Junior Derby: $30 a month (a family plan is in the works!).

Learn to Skate: Your registration fee covers the first 12 weeks of practice. Once the 12 weeks are over, you will begin paying monthly dues of $40. Your trainers will let you know in practice and in the Facebook group when you need to begin paying monthly dues.

LoCo: If you have finished the Learn to Skate program and are still attending low-contact/loco practices, you will pay $40 a month.

Intermediate Skaters:  $40 a month.

Seasoned Skaters: $50 a month, to cover their extra practice time. 

Still unsure? If you aren't sure about your dues amount because you are a board member/in a supporting role/a referee/or for any other reason, contact the league Treasurer ( and they will help you figure it out.

Dues Relief: The Anchor City Rollers offer dues relief on a case by case basis. Please fill out the Dues Relief Form. Please read the full disclaimer before filling out the form. 


Each skater is responsible for registering with CRDi (Canadian Roller Derby Information & Services) and acquiring the mandatory insurance. CRDi offers full year insurance, as well as an apprenticeship that lasts 3 months. This can be extended to full year coverage if (when) you decide you want to skate forever.

CRDi outlines how to register for insurance. Printed forms must be submitted to our Board of Directors. If you have any questions, contact ACR's Director of Human Resources at

Leave of Absence

Do you need to take a leave of absence for health, injury, family, work, whatever reason? You can take a break from attending practice and paying dues, but you have to let us know. YOU MUST fill out this form. Otherwise, you will still be expected to pay dues. 

Returning from LOA

There is no greater joy than seeing one of our members come back to the track after an extended absence! We miss you when you can’t skate with us, and we want to welcome you with open arms. Please, check in with our Human Resources Director ( before your planned return. Let them know you are cleared to skate, and if there are any restrictions. HR will inform the trainers who will connect with you on arrival, catch you up quickly with the kinds of things we’re working on, etc. 


Regardless of previous playing level, you will be assessed by the trainers before you will be able to participate in scrimmage. Again, this is for your safety and the safety of others on the floor.

Grievance Form

ACR Confidential Grievance Form - Any response will be viewed by the League Relations Committee only

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