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The After Party or How I Learned to Dance All Night

Before I started skating I was a very introverted person. I really liked to go out at night and listen to some live music, but I had trouble finding my feet on the dance floor. The music would really get to me and make me want to move. Yet I was always stuck to my chair, watching the people who were really letting it go. Sometimes I would force myself to get up. Usually this resulted in me either hanging off to the sides or trying to shake it a bit before feeling too awkward and sitting back down. My issue was that I always felt as though people were watching me, the way I was watching them. Thinking about me and making judgments about me. I had so many worries about the other people there that I couldn't really relax and enjoy myself.

Playing in a team sport like roller derby has really helped me work out of my bubble. It forces me mentally and physically to keep fighting, to quit being scared of other people, and to trust in myself a lot more.

The after party is the great equalizer. It doesn't matter if you are a skater, ref, NSO or were just at the bout to watch. We are all filled with endorphins from getting to play the sport we love. I remember my first season skating with the Dead Ringers against our other home team. The Black Rock Bandits won the bout but all of the Ringers still left the arena beaming. We felt like winners. Each of us pushed ourselves so hard that night and accomplished amazing things on our skates. At the start of the after party every one of my team members were on the floor dancing. We were hooting and screaming, having so much fun. Despite exhausting myself against the Black Rock Bandits earlier I managed to find the energy to keep my feet moving for most of the night. You get so comfortable with the other skaters at the after party. Even with other teams that travel to Halifax for our bouts. There is something about taking or receiving a can opener from someone that acts as an amazing bonding experience. (Or is that just me?)

Now going out is so much easier than it used to be. I have a much better ability to forget about everyone else that is out and I actually get to enjoy myself. Even mosh pits are no issue for me. I went to the Like A Motorcycle (love them!) and Danko Jones concert and jumped right in the middle of it. I mean come on, it's no worse than trying break through the pack.

The after party for our season opener will be at Dooly's, 121 Ilsley Ave. in Dartmouth (Burnside, right next to the Burger King)!

No cover charge & everyone is welcome! Music will be playing for dancing & pool tables if anyone is up for that too!


Coffin has been skating with Anchor City Rollers for 3 years now. She loves to jam but is just as fierce of a blocker. During the day she can be found turning wrenches as as apprentice automotive technician. There is often a pair of knitting needles and yarn packed somewhere on her for emergencies. Coffin is an avid knitter and has an ongoing blog as well as an Etsy store.

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