MAYhem Massacre Highlights

We did it! Our season opener on Saturday was a huge success, so thank you to everyone who came out and supported us. Close to 900 were in attendance to watch the Dead Ringers beat Las Bandidas Locas with a final score of 153 to 99. The next chance the Bandidas will have to get the Ringers back will be at our Terrible Twos birthday bout on August 25!

Some of our favorite parts:

  • The crowd was amazing. You lined up early to get in, brought lots of food in support of Feed Nova Scotia, made lots of noise, and supported us all the way through. You really made the night for us!

  • We started off the night with a slow motion “Derby 101? demonstration for those who had no idea what they were about to see or who needed a refresher on the rules. Sounds like it was helpful for everyone: we’re planning to do it at all of our home games. (And as a participant I’d like to add that shoulder-checking people in slow motion is a lot of fun!)

  • Lots of people came with their families for a mother’s day outing, and there were lots of proud moms of our skaters in the crowd. Did you see Box Blocker’s sign that she made for her mom?

  • Lots of future derby girls in the crowd too. Score reporter for the Ringers, ana ShayTana, made friends with a group of 3-7 year old girls who loved her outfit. The Bandidas were touched when a young fan came to their dressing room for autographs wearing one of their shirts and a drawn-on moustache. Jasmine, if you’re reading this, we can’t wait until you’re old enough to skate with us!

  • And then we danced the night away at the after party at the Parkside Pub, where Brazen provided the perfect soundtrack for all our skaters, refs, NSOs and volunteers to celebrate our hard work together.

Jammer Foxy Roller (#69, Las Bandidas Locas) uses one of her team mates (Straight No-Chase’Her, #80) to get through the pack. Photo by Andrea Crowell

See more pictures:

See you at our next home bout, where we’ll take on Moncton’s Lumbersmacks on June 23rd!

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