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Help Your Community!

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Derby fans, we need your help!

HRM Council is considering closing a number of recreation spaces in HRM (including the Forum) and building a new multi-pad ice rink.

Unfortunately, this doesn't help with non-ice recreation space, which we and other (non-hockey) sports groups need and currently struggle to find.

Council votes on this in 2 weeks. If you'd like to support the need for multi-use recreation spaces for sports leagues like us, please write an email to your councillor and let them know why this is important.

Some things to consider including in your email:

-let them know that you live in the area; where you live -the forum might not seem like a project that impacts our area but it does -your involvement with derby; why you love it; what it's done for you etc even if your a spectator, fan, volunteer, etc -how big the league is; other nifty derby facts; invite them to a game (our birthday bash is August 9th!) -why the forum helps people like you (& floorhockey or badminton enthusiasts etc who live in his/her district) -hope he/she will support it; will they let you know their thoughts on the proposal; pls be in touch if they want to learn more -can we count on their support?

Find your councillor at:

Please share this with your friends, family, fans of roller derby and any non-ice related sports and ask them to help our community out.

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