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June 21st/14: Bout Recap from DominateRIX

Our June 21st bout recap comes from skater DominateRIX who was able to enjoy the game track side.

Anchor City Rollers own Halifax Harbour Grudges VS Fog City Rollers own Portside Pirates

Bout Recap from DominateRIX

Grudges hold strong on the first day of summer! June 21st 2014, The Halifax Harbour Grudges hosted the St. John Portside Pirates… and seriously took care of business.

This bout marks the Grudges first bout of the season as a newly formed team, and I must say they played together beautifully - New skills, incredible endurance, few penalties and really sweet looking jerseys.

Grudge MVP’s for this bout went out to Block N Deck’her, for doing a fantastic job blocking (Taking a Hit from M16 is no walk in the park… I speak from experience!) and MVP Jammer went to Smashy Smashy Boom Boom (formerly Las Vicious) she’s back on her skates - faster, stronger and Jukier than ever.

The Portside Pirates played hard right up until the end; however they were no match for the Harbour Grudges. The final score was 345-141. Grudges take the win by a whopping 204 points.

If you missed the action on the 21st, you will find the Anchor City Rollers playing Moncton’s Muddy River Rollers is on July 5th, 2014 at the Shannon Park Arena in Dartmouth – Doors open at 6:00pm.

Written By: DominateRIX #711

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