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My Pre-testing Jitters (Part 2 of 3)

Editor’s note: We asked three fresh meat skaters who joined us in the Fall of 2011 to write about their experience with the basic skills test that all skaters must pass before they can be drafted to a team. This is part two.

66 hours prior to testing… WOW. It is POURING rain out there! Environment Canada said it was gonna, and then turn to freezing rain. Better get to bed, last derby practice prior to testing is tomorrow.

56 hours prior to testing… WOW. Environment Canada was right! But they did not say the end result was gonna be this! There is 2cm of ice covering everything! I have just spent the last 2 hours watching cars spin out of control, tires squealing, in front of my house. Holy crap. Should I drive in this? I have derby practice. Hum and Hah. Hum and Hah….

51 hours prior to testing… Sadly, the executive decision has been made. I am gonna stay put. Environment Canada says –25 with windchill by tonight.

42 hours prior to testing… ARGGGGH OMG OMG OMG. HOLY CRAPASMACKERS! I am on the ground, trying to get up! I just fell on the ice taking the dogs out to pee! Direct hit to my left patella! All my body weight! Full impact straight down on it! With only my pajama pants to cushion the fall! OMG it HURTSSSSSSSS! The dogs are still on the leash though, and have gone pee. I did not drop the leash. At least it wasn’t a bambi fall like 4 weeks ago when I fell at derby practice and my leg went at funny angle, the same knee, spraining my proximal tib-fib joint. Physio really helped that time (and NOT skating). BUT OMG it HURTS again NOW. RICE RICE RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation).

37 hours prior to testing… I am up at this ungodly hour because my knee woke me up. I don’t think I can test. I am bummed. Take some Advil. RICE. Carefully take the dogs out to pee. Go back to bed.

33 hours prior to testing… Work called. Said I don’t have to go in until 4. That’s great! That gives me 4 extra hours of RICE-ing.

32 hours prior to testing… HA HA HA. OMG I am on my butt on the sidewalk, having just fallen down the icy stairs, taking the dogs out to pee. My back cracked on each step as I slid down, giving my back and neck repetitive chiropractic adjustments. I am dazed. Am I ok? At least I did not fall on any of my dogs.

31.5 hours prior to testing… Ok. I am not paralysed. I am able to walk. I am ok. Gonna RICE the knee until work. My butt, elbows, and knee hurt, but my back and neck feel quite limber.

11 hours prior to testing… Crap. The knee is still swollen. Not nearly as bad as when I sprained the tib-fib joint. But oooo it aches. Advil. RICE. Back to bed. It’s a good thing I am not working today. I still don’t know if I can test. I am bummed.

6 hours prior to testing… I have not fallen on ice in 27 hours. I am intact. I can walk. The knee is tender but better than this morning so I’ll keep RICE-ing until practice and take another Advil before I go. I want to test and to pass it so much. I have been training for it for 6 months. I love my derby practice and the awesome ladies I skate with. I am gonna try to test, but if my knee says ”absolutely NOT” when I try, I will listen to it.

1.5 hours post part one of test… After some sore one knee falls, double knee falls, 4 point falls, jumps, stepping and hopping, I am not sure I am going to be able to pass. I was able to do everything, but these things not as well. I am bummed and have a bag of frozen orzo, beans, and goat cheese on my knee. I am still able to walk normally though.

1 hour post part two 2 days later… I am having a beer. Another session of RICE. I am showered, and the dogs have peed without incident. The knee is sore, but I did manage 27 in 5. My hip checks and bootie blocks, I am gonna have to work on…

ADDENDUM, 3 WEEKS LATER …. Geez! My knee is much better but still a bit sore, even after 2 weeks off of practice. I could not participate in all the drills last night. But thats ok, with how it felt last night I am hoping to be as good as bionic in another week’s time. Oh yah. I passed! By the scuffs of my toe stops, but I passed. :)

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