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My WFTDA testing experience (Part 1 of 3)

Editor’s note: We asked three fresh meat skaters who joined us in the Fall of 2011 to write about their experience with the basic skills test that all skaters must pass before they can be drafted to a team. This is part one.

I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with you of my week during WFTDA testing.

To do so, I’m going to go back a bit to give you an idea of the experiences leading up to this week.

I started fresh meat at the end of September 2011, never had put quad skates on my feet. Since that time I have been part of an amazing, talented group of women who have made me feel like I was part of their family. I have been constantly encouraged, challenged and pushed to be the best derby girl I could be.

Fresh meat for was the beginning of a new passion for me. I realized there is much to learn about this sport and many skills to master to make sure I will be safe and I would be safe skating with others – the reason for the basic skills requirement (WFTDA testing).

In the months before testing there was a lot of hard work, dedication and sweat involved. But I was taught and helped by a very talented group of ladies.

The one thing that was very important for me while learning these skills and getting ready for testing was to know that no matter what the outcome that I pushed my self 150 percent and that I tried my absolute best.

Testing week for me was a bit stressful but in a good way, I was anxious because this was something I really wanted to pass and very important to me. Testing itself was fun and relaxed. There are many skills and people to test so yes, there was some waiting around but everything went very well. It took us 2 full practices (about 8 hours) to finish and it was well organized.

As well as the skills test a written test was required and it’s worth your while to read and understand all the rules involved, it makes studying for the test much easier.

The outcome for me was a good one: I have passed WFTA testing and now am an active skater with HRDA.

Roller derby has changed my life for the better and I have found a home here with everyone.

If i can give one piece of advice to anyone joining derby or ready to test: SHOW THEM YOU WANT IT, GIVE 150%.

Much derby love ,


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