April 21, 2016

I'm on an adventure and I don't know my destination... I have always known that I didn't fit in my body. So, over the years I did things in hopes to present myself in a less feminine way. I always dressed in ways that I didn't think girls would dress. I cut off all my...

October 29, 2015

Roller derby is an emotional roller coaster. Photo by Richard Lafortune.

One of my favorite things is gently correcting well-meaning people who say "there's no crying in roller derby." I get it! A League of Their Own is a great movie and I too look for ways to reference...

June 6, 2015

Standing on skates... harder than it looks.

Total lack of control... that is where the fear came from the first time I put on my roller skates in October 2014. I was surprised by how the fear consumed me as soon as we were told to “stand up” in our skates.  I considered...

June 5, 2015

Join us for our second bout of the season, and the Dockyard Brawlers' first home game of the year!
Dockyard Brawlers vs Mad Hitters


Saturday June 6, 2015
Bowles Arena, Dartmouth, NS
Doors open @ 5:30pm with the game starting @ 6:00
Tickets: $12 ($10 with non p...

May 21, 2015

Before I started skating I was a very introverted person. I really liked to go out at night and listen to some live music, but I had trouble finding my feet on the dance floor. The music would really get to me and make me want to move. Yet I was always stuck to my chai...

May 16, 2015

What to expect at your first roller derby game

So you’ve FINALLY decided to stop saying how much you’d love to catch a roller derby bout and actually come and WATCH one? You are not alone. Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby is seeing a huge surge in popularity.

Making the d...

May 12, 2015

Join us as at our home opening bout of the season!

Black Rock Bandits vs Twisted Sisters
Dead Ringers vs Cape Breton Roller Derby


Saturday May 23rd, 2015
Bowles Arena, Dartmouth, NS
Doors open @ 5:30pm with the game starting @ 6:0...

May 7, 2015

The 2015 Anchor City Roller's season is rolling over to the Bowles Arena in Dartmouth this year!

This 40 year old, city owned arena has housed some pretty amazing ice related sports over the years. Everything from open skates to multiple tournament years with SEDMHA Hoc...

September 23, 2014

Join our Halifax Harbour Grudges in New Brunswick as the face off against other great leagues within Atlantic Canada!


September 27th - 28th, 2014
Lord Beaverbrook Arena, Saint John, NB
Doors open @ 6:00pm with the game starting @ 6:30pm
Tickets: $12 per day or...

August 23, 2014

Join us as at our final home bout of the season!
It's also a DOUBLE HEADER!

Halifax Harbour Grudges VS PEI's Red Rock N' Roller Derby
Dockyard Brawlers VS Tar City Rollers


Saturday August 30th, 2014
Shannon Park Arena, Dartmouth, NS
Doors open @ 6:00pm wit...

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