Roller Derby Rules

ACR plays by the WFDTA ruleset. The basics:

  • Most games are divided into two 30 minute periods. Periods are divided into jams which run for two minutes or less.
  • Each jam starts with one jammer from each team on the jam line, and 4 blockers from each team in a “pack” in front of them.
  • When the whistle blows, each jammer tries to get through the pack. The first one through without committing a penalty is awarded “lead jammer” status. The blockers try to stop the opposing jammers from getting by, while also trying to help their own jammer through.
  • After this first pass through the pack, points are scored when the jammer passes a player on the opposing team.
  • The lead jammer may choose to strategically “call off the jam” by hitting their hands to their hips in order to stop the opposing jammer from getting more points. If the lead jammer does not call off the jam or there is no lead jammer, the jam runs for 2 minutes.
  • Legal hits include shoulder checks and hip checks.
  • Common penalties include: back  blocking (hitting a player in the back), elbowing, cutting the track (going out of bounds and coming in ahead of another player), blocking out of play (the engagement zone is 20 feet behind and ahead of the pack) and direction of play (skaters can only engage if they are skating counter-clockwise, regardless of whether they are skating forwards or backwards).

There are a lot of rules, but any referee will tell you that the most important one is section 2.2.2 of the rulebook: the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

MrsHixRoller Derby Rules