#56 The Helligonian

What does a pencil, a stapler, a toaster, the color orange, three cars, an ice cream factory, a bus full of cheerleaders, and the hopes and dreams of all opposing derby teams have in common? The Helligonian CRUSHED them. This derby girl has a foul mouth and the attitude to go with it. When mischief and misdeeds are not glowing in her eyes, she can be found stealing candy from babies and pushing old ladies into cross walks. If there are two things The Helligonian likes it is chewing bubble gum and kicking ass, and she’s fresh out of gum.

Postion: Blocker, pivot

Team: Halifax Harbour Grudges, Dead Ringers

With ACR since: 2010

Height: 5 foot something or other inches

Theme song: I don’t know about a theme song but my favorite song right now is Glory and Gore by Lorde.

Catchphrase: F**kin right

Likes: Hitting the jammer

Dislikes: Not hitting the jammer

Athletic background: I’ve been playing sports here and there since I was little and could convince my mother that I was not made for ballet slippers and tutu’s (sorry ma). Mostly baseball and soccer.

Favorite derby moment: Our first win at home against a traveling team (Harbor Grudges vs Daisy Cutters).

Nuclear SNAXThe Helligonian