#28 Coffin

Working towards her license as an automotive technician, Coffin is all about getting down and dirty to get the job done. She takes great pride in being a small woman in a male-dominated field and kicking butt at it. In her spare time she can and will be found with a ball of yarn, ferociously knitting away. Originally joining in 2012 for personal fitness she has now caught the derby bug. Can often be seen hip-checking friends and fellow skaters all over Halifax.

Postion: Jammer, blocker

Team: Dockyard Brawlers, Dead Ringers

With ACR since: 2012

Age: 23ish

Height: Pretty short

Likes: Skulls, motorcycles, rock and roll and all things badassed. Also frilly dresses.

DislikesNot having candy

Athletic background: Aerobic knitting

Nuclear SNAXCoffin