#0 Box Blocker

Box Blocker [boks] [blok-er]

Noun: Female Genitalia, usually used in a derogatory manner.

Noun: A person or object that obstructs or impedes. In roller derby: one who annihilates the jammer.

Postion: Blocker

Team: Halifax Harbour Grudges, Black Rock Bandits

With ACR since: 2010

Age: 96 and a half

Height: 5.7 and still growing

Theme song: Cecelia by Simon & Garfunkel

Catchphrase: I think I have gas

Likes: BACON

Dislikes: Tape

Athletic background: Soccer, rugby, football and dancing at raves (yes that counts)

Favorite derby moment: Anytime I’m dancing on the track when I shouldn’t be dancing on the track

Nuclear SNAXBox Blocker