Doom and Sugar

Just like peanut butter and jam – it takes two to make a thing go right! The Anchor City Rollers announcers Doom and Sugar are all hands (and eyes) on deck. Since they both wear glasses, that’s a lot of eyes! And they need every one of them for all of the awesome derby action on the track.

Names: Doom and Sugar (will also answer to “yo announcers!” and “sexy beasts”)

Position: Co-Announcers

Team: We don’t play favorites, we *heart* all our ACR derby teams!

With ACR since: 2014

Age: Like a fine wine, we get better with age (but Doom’s older…you know, in case you’re wondering).

Height: Depends on who’s wearing heels and who isn’t

Theme song: 1980’s hard rock and anything by Britney Spears

Athletic background: “Talking and tipping the elbow. But seriously sporty spice Sugar has a blue belt in Taekwondo and runs for the hill-of-it. Not to be outdone, Doom has a fondness for anything on two wheels – cycling, motorcycling and roller skating (although technically that last one has 4 wheels!) Weeeeeeeeeee.”

Favorite derby moment: Sugar: Riding “side-saddle” on a Harley motorcycle because of my inappropriately-appropriate attire for an intro to our second home game. Doom: hitting Sugar in the face with the mic. Talk about taking one on the chin!

MrsHixDoom and Sugar