Student Volunteers

Summer Volunteer Opportunities with Anchor City Rollers for Students!

Roller Derby is currently the fastest growing sport in the world. Anchor City Rollers is a non-profit flat track roller derby league based in Halifax. We focus on creating an inclusive and welcoming community for all skaters, officials, volunteers, and fans. We promote health, athleticism, and individuality.

The league was established in 2010, where we began practising on the basketball courts of the Halifax Commons. 2012 marked our first full season and our league has grown exponentially since then. All of our events are 100% dependent on volunteer time and energy, with all proceeds going back to the league to cover expenses such as renting practice space, games, marketing, training, and travel costs. We are proud to provide a safe, challenging, and exciting environment for skaters, non-skating officials, referees, and volunteers alike.

As we enter our 2017 season, we are excited to keep moving onward and upward promoting roller derby, building a larger fan base for our beloved sport, and fostering a positive reputation in Halifax.

Our game season runs from May through September and we rely on our wonderful volunteers to make our sporting events a reality. We need help with things like setting up the sound system, laying the track, handing out flyers and much more. This year, our league would like to reach out to the younger generation who are the future of our sport. We are hoping to recruit high school students as volunteers for our events and allow them to see firsthand the wonderful sport of roller derby. 

In exchange, we would be happy to provide them with a fun, worthwhile, and positive volunteer experience, as well as a certificate of contribution to use in their portfolio.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss further. Please contact us or send any interested students to us via email:
Yabba Dabba DOOM, Human Resources ACRC <>

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