Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Learn to Skate

We would love to have you join us.

Everyone entering Anchor City Rollers that has not played with another league must complete the Learn to Skate/Fresh Meat program. The program is currently set to run 12 weeks, not including holidays.

Program Cost

The cost of the program is $250. This includes:

  • League jersey!
  • Administrative costs (pylons, pinnies, panties, tape, and first aid supplies)
  • Coaching & mentorship from a staff of experienced trainers
  • Monthly dues for the 12 weeks
    • The money from the “dues” is used primarily for rental of practice space in which you will practice.


Each skater is responsible for registering with CRDi (Canadian Roller Derby Information & Services) and acquiring the mandatory insurance. Cost is $50 for the entire year with extensive liability and injury coverage. Check out info here:


Required gear

  • Quads (old fashioned roller skates, not necessarily high ankles)
  • Knee pads (if you splurge, splurge on this)
  • Wrist guards
  • Elbow pads
  • Mouth guard
  • Helmet (skate board or hockey style)

Optional gear

  • Many people get toe guards for their skates
  • People with pre-existing knee problems often find the extra protection of knee gaskets helpful
  • Many new skaters get padded shorts, if you have a problem with your tail bone, or just don’t like falling on your bum, we recommend these
  • Protective bras are allowed


Getting Gear

The league has sponsorship agreements with: (contact us for passwords)

If you’re wondering where you should spend your money, where to go big, the answer is KNEEPADS. You will spend most of Learn to Skate learning to fall on your knees, and the rest of your derby career being surprised to have fallen on your knees. Unless you are the luckiest person in the world, you will want to upgrade your skates after Learn to Skate, get something with an adjustable toe stop and you should be on the right track. For elbow pads, wrist guards, helmet and mouth guards you can get away with what you would get at Sportcheck or Canadian Tire or Walmart. BUT, your best bang for your buck (even though it might make you want to cry) is to get a Fresh Meat or Beginner Package from one of our sponsors. Save yourself some foot pain and be sure to talk to the seller about the size boot you need. It is almost never what you think. You can also come by a practice and borrow a pair to try on.

Common beginner questions:

A. No. In Halifax we are fortunate that our league is still small enough that we can accept all comers to Fresh Meat/Learn to Skate. Once you have passed Learn to Skate you will move up to Intermediate Skaters, where you will learn more of the rules of the game.

A. Yes, please drop in at a Learn to Skate practice. Contact us before hand( ) to find out our most up to date practice schedule.

A. Sorry, we don’t at this time, it is a dream for the future.

A. No. We have skaters ranging in age from 19 to 62. The average age of skaters in our league is 25-35, and there is room for everyone.

A. Clothing comfortable for exercise, which isn’t so precious to you that you will be devastated if it gets roughed up: gym shorts or capris, or pants if you really want; t-shirt or tank top; TIGHTS, if you want to keep your skin on your legs and not leave it on the floor. Also, please bring sneakers for off-skate warm-up and cool down.

A. Maybe. Roller derby is a fast paced full contact sport, which, although highly regulated, does pose risks to participants. We do the best we can to prepare you and to referee and make things safe, but sometimes things happen. Serious injuries are rare, but they do occur.

A. No. Roller derby is a strange place right now where we attract all kinds of people with all kinds of backgrounds. If it appeals to you, come.

A. No, we will teach you to skate, and all the skills that are required to play the game.

A. No. Roller derby can be a part of your fitness program and a huge motivator to exercise and eat right. There are lots of resources in the league to help you get in skating shape.

A. It will, but you will still need to go through Learn to Skate to learn other elements of the game.

A. Currently we have many opportunities for men in our league including, refereeing, non-skate officiating, announcing and coaching. It is one of our dreams to develop a men’s team, and for that we need a base of male skaters, so please come join us! You are eligible to participate in our Learn to Skate program regardless of gender.

A. No, you can name yourself, or be named by others when you pass Learn to Skate and are named to a team. But, start thinking about it now.

If you have more/other questions for us, please contact us.

 Written by Denice Nicholson for Anchor City Rollers

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