Where We Came From

The Halifax Roller Derby Association was founded in August 2010 by former members Sarah Chaotica and Erin Jones. Sarah was a driving force behind the evolution of what we now know as the Anchor City Rollers, pouring her passion and love of derby into growing the league to become a presence in the HRM and beyond. As Anchor City Rollers (ACR) continues to grow and take on a life of its own, we will always remember those who got us started in the right direction.

Growth of the league

We began with practices outside on the Halifax Commons, later finding various indoor spaces as derby popularity inevitably grew. The culmination of all these efforts was our first bout ever in June 2011, which was successful beyond all expectation with approximately 700 in attendance!

2012 marked our first full season, played at home and away with our travel team and two home teams, Dead Ringers and Las Banditas Locas (later changed to the Black Rock Bandits)! In 2013 our A-level travel team, the Halifax Harbour Grudges, were introduced, as well as a team of our up-and-coming skaters, the Halifax Misfits. In 2014 we rounded out our team structure with the addition of a B Travel Team, the Dockyard Brawlers, while retiring the Halifax Misfits.

The league has grown exponentially since our start in 2010, and to reflect this, in 2014 we chose to update our league’s name and branding from Halifax Roller Derby Association to Anchor City Rollers. The name was chosen to pay homage to the history of Halifax, which has one of the world’s deepest natural harbours.

In 2015, we had four teams: the Harbour Grudges (A Travel Team), the Dockyard Brawlers (B Travel Team), the Dead Ringers (Home Team), and the Black Rock Bandits (Home Team). For the 2016 season, we consolidated our teams by retiring the Black Rock Bandits and the Dead Ringers, leaving the Harbour Grudges and the Dockyard Brawlers.

As roller derby continues to gain popularity, there will be plenty more to come from Anchor City Rollers. We are in for our best season yet Halifax!